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General GTspirit news, about the website, forum, events and our team

White Aventador SV

GTspirit Garage: What the Team Members Drive

With test drives on hold and the auto industry on lock down, we decided to use this lengthy free time to show you what...

GTspirit Car of the Year Awards 2019 – The Winner is…!

Traditionally we unveil our GTspirit Car of the Year during the last moments of the year. This year the battle was particularly fierce as...

GTspirit Tour 2018 – The Top 10 Highlights

Driving from Austria to Croatia in 5 days with more than 20 supercar owners and car enthusiasts from all over Europe. In a nutshell...
GTspirit Tour 2018

GTspirit Tour 2018 – The Italian Job!

The Stelvio is just one of the highlights awaiting the participants of the fifth annual GTspirit Tour this June! Over 20 supercars and teams...
Bugatti Chiron GTspirit Hypercar of the Year 2017

GTspirit Car of the Year Awards 2017 – The Winners

During the last moments of 2017 it is time for us to unveil the winners of our GTspirit Car of the Year Awards 2017!...

GTspirit Car of the Year 2017 Nominees

It's that time of the year when we present you with the nominees for the GTspirit Car of the Year awards. We only chose...

GTspirit Tour 2017 – Less than 30 Days to Go!

Are you ready for an epic adventure on four wheels? From the 8th until the 13th of June GTspirit will once again host the...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GTspirit!

Happy Holidays from the entire GTspirit family, we would like to take this moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy...

Special Report: GTspirit 10th Anniversary Tour 2016 – The Dream Cars Edition

Anniversaries of any nature are always special so given that 2016 is the 10th anniversary of GTspirit, we decided to do what all petrolheads...

Chrysler 300 Limited AWD Review

In it's eleventh year on the road, Chrysler's 300 sedan has become a familiar face to most Americans. Originally heralded as "the return of...